1 Bitcoin: $2435

High: $2497.61 Low: $2314 Avg: $2405.8

1 Ethereum: $260.44

High: $285 Low: $217 Avg: $251

1 Litecoin: $37.82

High: $39.3 Low: $34.61 Avg: $36.95

1 Dashcoin: $168.31

High: $173 Low: $150 Avg: $161.5

1 Novacoin: $9.39

High: $10.38 Low: $8.3 Avg: $9.34

1 Namecoin: $2.6

High: $2.72 Low: $2.18 Avg: $2.45

1 Peercoin: $2.43

High: $2.66 Low: $2.11 Avg: $2.38

1 Feathercoin: $0 Down

High: $0 Low: $0 Avg: $0

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Total Bitcoin

The total amount of bitcoin in circulation.

Mining Difficulty

The current bitcoin mining difficulty rate.

Block Reward

Get the current block reward in BTC.

Bitcoin Balance

Get the total balance of a bitcoin address.

Bitcoins Received

Get the total received bitcoins for an address.

Bitcoins Sent

Get the total sent bitcoins by an address.

Address to hash 160

Convert an address to a hash 160.

Hash 160 to address

Convert a hash 160 to a bitcoin address.

Pubkey to hash 160

Convert a pubkey to a hash 160.

Address to Pubkey

Convert an address to a pubkey.

Pubkey to Address

Convert a pubkey to a bitcoin address.

Bitcoin ATM Map

Find a local Bitcoin ATM to buy and sell BTC.

Free Bitcoins

Use this faucet to get free BTC

Bitcoin Mining

Start Mining for Bitcoins

Bitcoin Advertising

Advertise your Bitcoin products and services.

Bitcoin Loans

Receive lending or invest in startups.

Affiliate Programs

Earn BTC promoting these services